We aim to utilize AI technology for seniors to enhance their social lives;
empowering the elderly to use technology indepedently of a neighbor’s help.

We aim to utilize AI technology for seniors to enhance their social lives. Specifically, we are interested in mitigating senior isolation and providing a smart app that helps maintaining health and dietary restirctions; empowering the elderly to be more independent.


We are high school students from both Northern and Southern California.
  • Jonathan Park (founder, president, Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Patrick Liu (co-founder, vice president, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Aron Ma (board member, Palo Alto High School)
  • Soichiro Hiroshima (board member, Palo Alto High School)
  • Roland Hu (board member, Palo Alto High School)
  • William Chung (board member, Johns Hopkins University)
  • Matthew Suh (president of San Diego branch, Canyon Crest Academy)


We have been volunteering at Avendidas, a non-profit agency in Palo Alto helping mid-Peninsula seniors live well and learn to maintain their independence. We have been helping seniors fix technical problems, ranging from computer issues to possible virus detections. We also have volunteered at the 15th Annual Caregiver Conference on November 10 2018.
If you are interested in AI4Seniors, join today! As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, AI4Seniors relies on your philanthropic contributions to extend its activities of developing AI technologies for seniors and helping them interact with students.
Membership Questions? Email to ai4seniors.org@gmail.com.