We aim to utilize AI technology for seniors to enhance their social lives;
empowering the elderly to use technology indepedently of a neighbor’s help.
BEGIN: Smart app for Seniors
We developed a smart mobile application to help seniors interact with the younger generation. Additionally, we participated in the Congressional App Challenges, an annual competition hosted by members of Congress to encourage students in their district to learn how to code.

Connect seniors with students for good morning call

To mitigate their isolation, we paired seniors w/ Sungshin Women’s University students majoring English.

Smart App for Interaction

We are building a smart app to help seniors interact with young generation. 

What is BEGIN

BEGIN stands for BEtween Generation INteraction. It is an online and offline cross-generation interaction platform to increase the interaction between seniors and the young generation.

With the exponential growth of medication and modern technology, people nowadays are living much longer. Seniors face a variety of issues, ranging from health to social problems. While many people are supporting them, most efforts put into helping the aging in our society is through health, simply because it is the most profitable. Living longer with a weak body and without your loved ones can often be worse than death. While there are many groups trying to support society socially, they give equal treatment to everyone, regardless of age, when seniors need the social help more than anyone else.
Big problems never stay a problem, for there are always people trying to solve them. Recently, many people have decided to mitigate social senior issues such as isolation. Some have created non profit organizations, while others take it upon themselves to interact with the aging. A very iconic organization that aims to decrease senior isolation is the CareCheckers. The volunteers at CareCheckers call seniors via phone and have conversations with them. This is a great idea, seeing that the senior can still interact with new people even if they are unable to leave their house due to health issues. However, it is very hard for these conversations and calls to be arranged. Seniors tend to wake up early and sleep early; on the other hand, most people are busy throughout the day and are only free during the night. Finding a more efficient way to arrange these calls and making them effective is what we aim to do in BEGIN.